Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorials

Looking for Photoshop tutorials?

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Normal price is $49

Click to see a demo of the clone stamp tool. tutorialCheck out our  to see the quality of our Photoshop tutorials for yourself. This demonstration of the clone stamp tool tutorial is taken from chapter 7 of our Photoshop 7 tutorial representing the most comprehensive aid to learning Photoshop 7 on the web today.

There are 16 chapters in all....

Chapter 1: Getting the Lay of the Land

  • Interface Introduction
  • Selecting a Tool
  • Using the Tool Options Bar
  • Using the zoom Tool
  • Scrolling an Image
  • Using the Navigator Palette
  • Using the Info Bar
  • Using Palettes, Menus, Expanding Context Sensitive Menus

Chapter 2: Using the new File Browser

  • Using the File Browser
  • Previewing Images
  • Ranking Images
  • Rotating Images

Chapter 3: Making a Mediocre Picture Look Great

  • The Six Step Process to Retouching
  • Image Resolution
  • Straightening and cropping an image
  • Tonal Range and Replacing Colors
  • Removing a Color Cast
  • Dodge Tool, Sponge Tool, and the Unsharp Mask Filter

Chapter 4: Selecting, the Key to Easy Photo Manipulation

  • Selecting in General
  • Repositioning a Selection Border While Creating it
  • Selecting From a Center Point
  • Moving and Duplicating Selections
  • Moving Using the Arrow Keys
  • Selecting With the Magic Wand
  • Selecting with the Lasso Tool
  • Selecting with the Magnetic Lasso
  • Combining Selection Tools
  • Erasing within a Selection
  • Restore Photoshop Default Settings

Chapter 5: Using Layers

  • Renaming a Layer
  • Copying a Layer to Another File
  • Viewing Individual Layers
  • Selecting and Removing Pixels from a Layer
  • Rearranging Layers
  • Changing Layer Mode
  • Linking Layers and Layer Opacity
  • Adding a Gradient Layer
  • Adding Text
  • Applying a Layer Style
  • Editing Text
  • Flattening and Saving Files
  • Adding Type Layers to a Flattened Background
  • Creating Alternate Text
  • Using the Multilingual Spell Checker

Chapter 6: Using Masks and Channels

  • Creating a quick Mask
  • Editing a Quick Mask
  • Adding to a Selection by Erasing Masked Areas
  • Subtracting from a Selection by Adding Masked Areas
  • Saving a Selection as a Mask
  • Editing a Mask
  • Loading a Mask as a Selection and Applying an Adjustment
  • Creating and Saving a Mask
  • Editing a Make Channel
  • Extracting an Image
  • Adding the Extracted Image as a Layer
  • Extracting By Force
  • Applying a Filter to a Masked Selection
  • Creating a Gradient Mask
  • Applying Effects Using a Gradient Mask

Chapter 7: Retouching and Repairing Photos

  • Using the Clone Stamp Tool
  • Using the Pattern Stamp Tool
  • Creating a Pattern
  • Applying a Pattern
  • Using the Healing Brush
  • Taking a Snapshots
  • History Palette States
  • Using the Patch Tool
  • Using the History Brush Tool
  • Retouching Using a Separate Layer
  • Using a Duplicate Layer with the Healing Brush

Chapter 8: Painting and Editing

  • Defining a Custom Workspace
  • Blending an Image with the Background
  • Painting Shadows and Highlights
  • Smoothing the Edges of a Stroke
  • History Painting Tools
  • Using a Specialty Brush
  • Creating New Color Swatches
  • Adding Brush Libraries
  • Using Wet Media Brushes
  • Saving a Customized Preset Brush
  • Creating a Custom Brush
  • Painting With a Custom Brush
  • Defining a New Pattern

Chapter 9: Using the Pen Tool

  • What are Paths
  • Drawing Straight Paths
  • Moving and Adjusting Paths
  • Drawing multiple segment paths
  • Creating Closed Paths
  • Painting Paths
  • Drawing Curved Paths
  • Creating Separate Work Paths
  • Drawing a Closed Curve Path
  • Modifying Curved Paths
  • Stroking and Filling Paths
  • Combining Curved and Straight Path Segments
  • Two Curved Segments at a sharp angle
  • Editing Anchor Points
  • Adding and Subtracting Anchor Points
  • Converting Points
  • Using Paths with Artwork
  • Drawing the Outline of a Shape
  • Converting Selections to Paths
  • Converting Paths to Selections
  • Adding Layers

Chapter 10: Vector Masks, Paths, and Shapes

  • Bitmap Images and Vector Graphics
  • Shape Layers
  • Subtracting Shapes From a Shape Layer
  • Deselecting Paths
  • Drawing Paths
  • Combining Paths into a Filled Shape
  • Working with Type
  • Adding Text to an Image in Edit Mode
  • Warping Text
  • Adding a Text Layer
  • Creating Work Paths from Text
  • Altering Work Paths
  • Adding a Gradient Layer
  • Using a Work Path as a Vector Mask
  • Creating a Flag Image and More Text
  • Merging and Distorting Layer Combinations
  • Working with Defined Custom Shapes
  • Placing a Custom Shape
  • Adding Layer Styles to a Custom Shape

Chapter 11: Advanced Layer Techniques

  • Creating Paths to Clip a Layer
  • Drawing the Vector Work Path
  • Creating a Layer Mask from the work Path
  • Creating Layer Sets
  • Creating an Adjustment Layer
  • Creating a Knockout Gradient Layer
  • Importing a Layer from Another File
  • Applying Layer Styles
  • Duplicating and Clipping a Layer
  • Liquifying a Layer
  • Rasterizing the Mask
  • Using the Liquify Command
  • Creating a Border Layer

Chapter 12: Creating Special Effects

  • Preparing to Record an Action
  • Recording a New Action
  • Playing an Action on an Individual File
  • Playing an Action on Multiple Files
  • Opening and Cropping Files
  • Adding Guides
  • Snapping Images into Position
  • Saving Selections
  • Hand Coloring Selections on a Layer
  • Desaturating a Selection
  • Creating a Layer and Choosing a Blending Mode
  • Applying Painting Effects
  • Adding a Gradient
  • Merging Layers
  • Changing Color Balance
  • Applying Filters
  • Using the Accented Edges Filter
  • Using the ZigZag Filter
  • Combining Selections
  • Editing a Selection in Quick Mask Mode
  • Creating a Cutout Effect

Chapter 13: Saving Money on Commercial Printing

  • Preparing Images for Two Color Printing
  • Using Channels to Change Color to Grayscale
  • Two Color Printing
  • Assigning Values to Black and White Points
  • Assigning Values to Black and White Points
  • Sharpening the Image
  • Setting up for Spot Color
  • Adding Spot Color
  • Removing a Grayscale Area and Adding Spot Color
  • Removing Spot Color From a Grayscale Area
  • Adding Solid and Screened Areas of Spot Color
  • Adding Spot Color to Text

Chapter 14: Web Images

  • Optimizing Web Images
  • Optimizing a JPEG Image
  • Using the Save For Dialog Box
  • Comparing Optimized GIF, JPEG, and PNG Formats
  • Optimizing a Gif Image
  • Choosing GIF Optimization Settings
  • Exploring the Color Table
  • Reducing the Color Palette
  • Locking Colors to Preserve Image Details
  • Controlling Dither
  • Controlling Application Dither
  • Minimizing Browser Dither
  • Converting the Background into an Ordinary Layer
  • Using the Magic Wand Tool to Create Transparency
  • Preserving and Previewing Transparency
  • Trimming extra Background Areas
  • Creating a Dithered Transparency
  • Adding a Drop Shadow
  • Adding Transparency Dithering to the Drop Shadow
  • Image Maps
  • Using Layers to Create Image Maps
  • Adjusting Cross Platform Gamma Range(Mac vs Windows)
  • Creating an HTML File and Editing Image Map Information
  • Batch Processing File Optimization

Chapter 15: Interactive Slices and Rollovers

  • What is a Slice
  • Creating Slices
  • Using Slices
  • Setting Options for Slices
  • Optimizing Slices
  • Slicing an Image in ImageReady
  • Creating a Custom Workspace in ImageReady
  • Using Slices Created from Guides
  • Creating Layer Based Slices
  • Creating Slices Without Images
  • Creating Slices From Selections
  • Optimizing Slices in ImageReady
  • Creating Rollovers
  • Displaying warped text in the Over State
  • Previewing Rollovers
  • Showing and Hiding Layers in an Over State
  • Showing and Hiding Layers in a Down Rollover State
  • Creating a Primary Rollover State
  • Creating a Selected Rollover state
  • Adding Alternate Text

Chapter 16: Creating Animated Images for the Web

  • Creating Animations in Image Ready
  • Animating by Hiding and Showing Layers
  • Creating a Simple Animation
  • Navigating Animation Frames and Previewing the Animation
  • Preparing Layer Copies
  • Moving and Transforming Layers for an Animation
  • Creating Simultaneous animation
  • Setting and Previewing a Timing Sequence
  • Animating With Layer Opacity
  • Setting Layer Positions
  • Tweening the Position and Opacity of Layers
  • Using Layer Masks to Create Animations
  • Using Vector Masks to Create Animations

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