Kinemaster Croma Key Next Level Tricks You Do Not Know

Kinemaster Croma Key Next Level Tricks You Do Not Know

Kinemaster Croma Key Next Level Tricks You Do Not Know 
If you want to know how to use the green screen effect on  Kinemaster then be sure to read till the very end of this article as I'm gonna walk you through it. 

What's going on my name is Vinod helping you build your online presence and today I'm gonna be showing you how you can use the green screen effect in Kinemaster but if you're not already subscribe to the channel go ahead and click the subscribe button new videos every single week showing you how you can edit in Kinemaster so first we're gonna need a new project. 

So let's go ahead and open up a empty project and I'm just gonna move this camera over here and we're gonna add some media so let's use a background and let's use these mountains so we have these mountains we're gonna make this a bit longer let's make it around a minute long okay so now once we have this available right here this mountain we're gonna go ahead and click layers and you're gonna see media up here this button right here so we're gonna click media and then we're actually going to go ahead and click on our exports file right here. 

I have and I'm gonna click this video so this is a just a screen clipping that I've taken of part of one of my videos I was just smiling at this part and I was like this would be good for a thumbnail or something so I just grabbed it and I'm gonna use it for thumbnails but today we're going to use it for a green screen so basically all we're going to do is just click the chroma key button right here and we're going to click enable and this is going to start us off but as you can see it doesn't look that great so far so we need to go in and select around the best color you could do this in this area right here or we could go into the color wheel and choose this color properly. 

So we're gonna go with this color right here this type of green and then you can use this effect right here to change how you want the layer to show up so let's go a head and change these two right about here so this isn't the best color we may have to actually make our color a little lighter and that's going to add this as a green screen now this is this is a video file even though it's a still image it is a video file so it's just like this so maybe if we open something from our camera and let's find a video here's a video and this is a video. 

I used for just filming myself while I made thumbnails so I'm gonna click chroma key and turn it on again so we're also you can adjust it right here based on how you want the red blue and green to be and you could do that and also there is suggested colors right here chroma key recommended colors we could choose from so we could select one of these and maybe let's select this darker color right here so we need to adjust it to where it's going to fit and as you can see over here part of this on this side well maybe you can't see it right now part of this on this side right here is showing up and that made because that's where the green spring ends. 

So if we want to fix that we're gonna go ahead and click cropping and crop this and that should fix that and basically we need to turn this down a little bit there we go and let's enlarge this until it fits the screen and then we're gonna just play the video and as you can see it's working fine and yeah that's basically it and maybe I want edto use this as a thumbnail I could just click right here and click this button right here oops click it again click this button right here and click capture frame as a layer and then it captured that frame and let's just delete that and that it's gonna save that into my storage so now. 

If I wanted to just use that as a still single image I could just capture that and then once again if we didn't want it to be honest or a certain part let's see--let's like split this right here and we don't want this to be on at this certain point so we're gonna go ahead and turn off the chroma key so then those are too close let's get that a little far there we go so as you can see right here's the chroma key and then it's gonna go over to the next video and the chroma key is gonna be off and then once we've done everything we wanted to do with the green screen we can go ahead and click share and export our video and that is how you do the green screen chroma key in Kinemaster. 

But if you want to build your online presence and you're not already subscribed to the channel go ahead and click the subscribe button new video everything.

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