How To Use Animation Key In Kinemaster

How To Use Animation Key In Kinemaster

hello guys welcome o VinodSavaleEditz Blog and today in this article I am going to tell you guys how to use kinemaster key animation tools and do animation like this.


If you want to do animation like this by kinemaster on your android so keep watching this video till the end and if you haven't subscribed to your channel pls subscribe vinodsavaleeditz and press bell icon

 you will need an application for creating the animation that app name is kinemaster as you can see on your screen. 

For downloading kinemaster latest version apk I have given the link in the description of this video you can install it. you have to download an arrow image also a link of this also given in the description. 

After downloading and installing kinemaster open it and choose your aspect ratio after that you will see an interface like this. 

After that go to media browser and select your video I am selecting a sample video for teaching you how to use animation tool in kinemaster. 

 I am importing this video and I will show it to you and as you can see there is some dot coming on screen. 

And I will teach you that I will teach you how to animate the arrow from first to second and then to the third dot. after that I will animate it out form frame. 

 So let start the kinemaster animation tool tutorial and first of all, go to the starting of the video from where you want to animate the arrow. as you can see here in my video it is 00.6 seconds. 

 After that click on layer button and then choose media option and import the arrow image in timeline and download link of this is in the description. 

 After importing the arrow image drag the layer to there from where you want the animation. So I need animation till this point that why I am dragging it to this point. 

 After that manage the size of the arrow image according to your priority so move the arrow image to the starting point of the animation. 

 After that click on in animation and choose the fade option and set it animation time to 0.5second and click on the right button and after that check your video by playing it. 

 So after that, you have to observe that for how much time you want the arrow to on the first point and after that move, some frame back in the timeline and observe when 2nd point starts fading in on screen. 

 After that click on kinemaster key animation tool and click on key frame plus and as you can see the 2 dots on the arrow layer in between of them the arrow stays on point 1. 

 After that, if you want to animate it on the 2nd point you have to move the timeline some frame forward from the last frame and give an animation time for arrow image by clicking on keyframe plus button. 

 And after that give the position to arrow image near 2nd point and observe that when 3rd point fade in the screen in our case it is coming on 2:05 seconds. So we have to click on the keyframe button again. 

 As you can saw in arrow image layer in between of these two dots the arrow stays on 2nd dot but now we will animate it to the 3rd point So we are going to add animation time which means how fast or slow the arrow will be going to the 3rd point. so I depend on the distance between the last dot of 2nd and the first dot of the 3rd point. 

 The less the distance between the point of animation the less time it takes to animate and more the distance between them so it takes more time to animate. 

 So we want to animate it fast so we add a keyframe near to the last keyframe and after that move it to the 3rd point. Give it position properly and now we need to move it out from video frame. 

 After that observe till which point you want it on 3rd point in my case I need it till 3:53 and after that will click on keyframe plus so now it will stay on 3rd point in between of this keyframe. 

 And after that give, it animation time by clicking on keyframe plus and move it to outward from the video frame. so doing these it will animate outward from video frame in between of these 2 keyframes. 

 After that move to end of the timeline and add another keyframe on the layer of arrow image the arrow of the image by doing this, it will stay out from video frame. 

 And now I am showing you the animation by playing it and if this video helps pls like it and don't forget to subscribe to the channel. 

 If you want more tutorials on kinemaster I have a playlist on my channel pls check out it for more tutorial videos

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