Top 25 Neon Background Full HD By VinodSavaleEditz

Top 25 Neon Background Full HD By VinodSavaleEditz

Top 25 Neon Background Full HD By VinodSavaleEditz

Top 25 Neon Background for you guys. Today i am give you neon background for free. This is light color, beautiful and attractiveful neon background images. This images like a premium look your pictures. Who will give you this Neon Background Images. Only i give it to you but I will not take money from you for free. But you will have to edit these images yourself.

Now i will show you how to use this background images. This background images using to get first download editing app like Picsart, Snapseed and PS Touch App and starting your editing. You using pc or laptop to my first suggestion is Photoshop CC and CS any Version. Your pc RAM is High to Photoshop CC 2020 is latest version is very smooth running. But your pc RAM is 2Gb & 4Gb so guys you facing lag problem in pc. Beacause Photoshop Cc 2020 is latest version and all update mixup in latest version. So lag fix in pc. 

My suggestion is you download Photoshop Cc 2014 version. This is old version but Old Is Gold. This version is very smooth running in 2gb & 4gb RAM pc. I also facing this problem so i am uninstall 2020 version and install 2014 version and Photoshop Cc 2014 is smoothly run in my pc . 

I am using Laptop and i am not showing any problem when using Photoshop. Problem showing but small mean Quick Selection tool using to selection loading is time but this is small problem.

How To Download Neon Background 

In Mobile 

1. Open any browser.

2. Then Search web page and open website.

3. Open website and go to post and open it.

4. Then showing post  and go to down of page.

5.  And Click to Download Button.

6. Then automatic open new Tab and Google Drive Page Open it.

7. And Redirected to Google Drive App and open drive app.

8. Then your Gmail account showing.

9. Click your account and Downloading start.

Process Complete and your Download file showing in Mobile File Manager>Internal Storage>Download  

In PC/Laptop

1. Open any Browser like Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

2. Then open the web page.

3. Opening web page to showing Post.

4. Then go to down and Click to Download Button.

5. After Click download button open new tab and open Google Drive Page.

6. New Showing Google Drive page.

7. Now Center the page showing Download button and page Right side top to Download Icon Both the Click to Download your file.

Steps Are Complete 
Your File Download Location is Click To File Manager>Download  And seeing Your Zip File..

How To Unzip/Extract Zip File

In Android

The ZArchiver app is easily compatible with all of your android powered devices. This app is easily available at the Google Play Store for all android users. It is fully free to download. This app will allow you to archive the files in the format of 7zip file, Zip file, and TAR file. You can also choose compression level from the options of Fastest, Fast, Normal, Maximum and Ultra. This app is designed by ZDevs.

The ZArchiver app will also provide you the options for encryption. It has two encryption options as “Data” and “Data and filenames”. It also comes with password protection for the entire safety of the zip files. The protection is also applicable for all the archives. By using this app, you can also copy or cut the existing zip files.

1. First of all, go to the folder you want to extract.

2. Tap on that compressed folder & you will see options

3. There is main three option from where you will be able to open zip file on your smartphone.

Extract here – By using this option, all files there in the same folder will be extracted to the same folder.

Extract to ./<archive name>/ – When you select this option, a folder will be created with the name of your zip file. Suppose compressed file name is, so it will extract all data to test folder.

Extract.. – This option allows you to select a folder where you want to extract your files without extracting it anywhere.

In PC/Laptop

1. Open Windows File Explorer.

2. Go to Zip file Download location

3. Double-click the Zip folder. And you should see the content in Zip folder.

4. Click on Extract TAB. Its on Toolbar top of the File Explorer

5. Click Extract All TAB. SubTAB of Extract tab. Then open pop-up window

6. Click the browse TAB and Select the Extract location.(e.g, This pc, Desktop, Download .etc)

7. Click On Extract TAB. And your extraction in running

And your Extraction is Done. Extract file showing in your extraction location

How To Extract Compressed File On Android

1. Open Zarchiver App on your android device

2. Once the application open, tap on Big “Green Plus (+)” icon on the bottom right side of the Zarchiver screen

3. Type Name for archive then choose Compression level, You can also set the password on your archive file to secure it.

4. Now tap on “OK” button

5. Now choose the folder or file that you want to archive by tapping on it.

6. Then tap on “Right icon” button on the bottom right side of the screen. Now, wait until the process complete.

Once the compressing process complete, follow these steps to extract compressed file on Android device using Zarchiver app.

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