Realme X2 Pro Full Review By VinodSavaleEditz

Realme X2 Pro Full Review By VinodSavaleEditz

Realme X2 Pro Full Review By VinodSavaleEditz

Yo guys, Back again with me as Vinod. When the first time, Realme showed up around the marketplace, guys. From then to now, they didn't stop innovate or releasing their new products I could say that almost every month that  Realme released their newest products. Isn't that true? At the end of 2019. Realme are going to release their newest products again In my opinion, this is one of the most special products of Realme. Why? Take a look at this, guys. 

Clearly by looking at the box, that the processor is using Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus The camera has a 64 MP Quad camera. Wow, that's great. The RAM capacity of 12 GB and internal storage of 256 GB Isn't that great, guys? The screen is already 90 Hz, guys. Wow. If you're finding a smartphone that has right-aligned specs and performance This Realme X2 Pro will be your choice Wow, the shape looks great, guys. The box is like this.Let's just open it. 

I bought the Lunar white ones. Okay, let's just open it. This Realme X2 Pro will be your choice I'm getting passionate about it. Why? just see it. This is the smartphone. Let's put it aside. Let’s see what’s within this box. We got an instruction manual here. See that. It's already using Bahasa Indonesia Of course, because it's official in Indonesia. There is a warranty card by Realme. It's long. If you buy Realme, it's already licensed here in Indonesia. 

We got a transparent clear case that looks a bit dark. There is a charging cable data which has a yellow stripe on the inside And for sure it's already USB type C, guys. Okay. We got a SIM tray ejector here. We got the head charger too. And it's already super VOOC. That's really great, guys. The output is 10v and 5A Okay, so this is 50 watts, guys. Let's sag em out. The design is really cool. Let's just peeled it. Wow, that's great. The colors tho. 

I really like the colors here. There is a gradation of pink, yellow, green, and purple colors, guys. And there's a bit of blue there Btw what kind of color is this? Why all of the colors are in here. Wow, This is cool This is one of the coolest pearl white color that I've ever seen. There is an on/off power button with a yellow stripe, 2 antenna lines, and a SIM tray slot on the right side. There are a mic and antenna lines up here. There are a volume button and antenna lines on the left side. 

There are jack audio, mic, port USB Type C, speakers, antenna line down here. There are 4 rear cameras here. And one of them has 64 MP. Wow. Let's just turned it on. Realme powered by Android. While waiting for this thing to turn on Let's tidy the table to make it look neat. This is the appearance of the lock screen looks like. As usual, The UI is using color OS that the wallpaper is interchangeable. This is the appearance of the home screen from Realme X2 Pro. 

That's great. I’ve already installed some apps to make it quick… What kind of SIM Tray model does this Realme X2 Pro is using? The SIM Tray model is using dual NANO SIMs. They didn't provide a slot for Micro SD. Of course, it is. The internal storage is already 256 GB That's great, right? Let see, how much is the score for Realme X2 Pro at Antutu Benchmark? This is it. How much it is. The score of Realme X2 Pro at Antutu Benchmark reaches to 479.859 It's really high. 

This is Realme. Let's see the specifications here. I am bringing it closer to you. Realme X2 Pro has the processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus. The GPU is Adreno (TM) 640 The resolution is 1080 x 2400 pixels. There are 4 rear cameras here. Starting from 64 MP, 13 MP, 8 MP, and 2 MP. 

The RAM capacity of 12 GB and internal storage of 256 GB Wow, That’s great The front camera is 16 MP. The capacity of the battery is 4000 mAh. The OS is using Android 9.0/Pie Yay! There is an NFC here. It means we can top-up our E-toll from our smartphone here. And then. Okay, you can see for the complete specification of this Realme X2 Pro at the column description box below this video or you can see the next slide is given… 

After, we see the specification and the score of the Antutu Benchmark. Let see, how much is the score for Realme X2 Pro at GPU Mark Benchmark? It reaches to. Wow, the score reaches to 1.299.600 It means Realme X2 Pro holds the title of being the fastest phone at Dhiarcom because the score is already above 1.000.000 This is it, guys. Let's see how smooth and fast here. Wow, this is really fast. It's speeding up. This is the frame rate. 

Can you see it? Let's test play some games. We're in the menu of CODM. But before we play, let's see the graphic settings first. This is it. Audio and Graphics tab The graphic quality is very high and the frame rate could be set to maximum. Everything is right-aligned. We don't need to set it low to get the maximum frame rate. You can set it to right. Realme X2 Pro is fierce. Okay, let's started to play. Let's do some war here. Let's attack them. 

Where is it. Okay, let's go a bit backward. Let's kill them all. There's no mercy from me. Truly. We're already in the main menu of PUBG Mobile. This is our favorite game. But before I play, let's see the graphic settings first. You see that, guys. You don't have to set it smooth to get extreme. It can set to the frame rate "extreme" from HDR. 

Okay, That’s great Okay, let's start playing. We're now in the battlefield at PUBG Mobile. This is the gyroscope, guys.   Wow, the graphic is detailing and the frame rate is extremely smooth. It's smooth and detailing. Realme X2 Pro is really cool. That's great, Realme X2 Pro. Let's see the camera of Realme X2 Pro is 64 MP Let's test it. Wow. Wow, I can see the fiber from the plants here. Wow and wadidaw. That's cool. 

We can see here on the display & brightness part. We pick the screen refresh rate. There is an option of 90Hz and 60Hz I've already set it to 90 Hz It makes that the scrolling looks smooth and fast. That's all for the unboxing of this Realme X2 Pro. Just you wait for the complete review of this Realme X2 Pro I'm just showing you my first impression I am really fond of the design of this Realme X2 Pro because it has 3D design . There is a curve side on the back cover of this phone. 

The color is pearl white with a lot of color combinations Such as Pink, Yellow, Blue, and Purple colors. That's really cool. Ok, guys. That's all for the review of this Realme X2 Pro.

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